Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

for Stubborn, Chronic Conditions

There is a new type of non-drug, non-surgical treatment for chronic pain and injury in the rehabilitative medicine. It is called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. It has been used in Europe with a lot of success for years, and it is starting to get more popular in the US now. It is effective for the following conditions:

  • enpuls2Frozen Shoulder

  • Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow

  • Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spur

  • Post Orthopedic Surgery Stiffness

  • Chronic Muscle Spasm

  • Stiff Low Back

  • Arm & Leg Cramping

  • Calcific Tendonitis

  • Most Muscle, Tendon, & Ligament Problem

  • Joint Pain Unresponsive to Cortisone Injection

ESWT involves sending a shockwave faster than the speed of sound into the body for a desired physiological effect. ESWT was originally used in hospitals to break apart kidney stones. Shockwaves strong enough to break apart kidney stones is directed into a very small area under anesthesia. The shockwave breaks apart the kidney stones into tiny pieces small enough to be passed in urine. That same technology was modified in Europe to be used with chronic pain conditions.

maxresdefaultESWT breaks apart fibrous adhesion and causes microscopic trauma to the injured area. Since the fibrous adhesion that is restricting normal movement is broken down, immediate increase in joint movement is common. Also, the microscopic trauma to the area causes massive amount of blood flow, increasing healing. Basically, ESWT turns a chronic condition to an acute condition for easier treatment. Once a chronic condition is turned into an acute one, it responds much better to other treatments design to accelerate healing, such as laser therapy. Result that may take months with standard treatment can often be achieved in weeks with the combination of ESWT and laser therapy. We are proud to be the one of very few rehab practices in the US to be able offer the state-of-the-art combination of both Super Pulsed Laser Therapy and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.

The top three conditions proven by research to be effective with ESWT are Frozen Shoulder, elbow pain from Tennis Elbow, and Plantar Fasciitis. Patients from these researches reported significant or complete pain relief even after 6 months. Any condition that involves pain and stiffness from muscles, tendons, and ligaments problem can benefit from ESWT, such as stubborn muscle spasm, stiff joint, heel spur, and calcific tendonitis. ESWT cannot regenerate cartilage, so it can’t benefit arthritis directly. But arthritic joints always have muscle spasm and stiff tendons and ligaments around it. By treating those structures around the arthritic joint, the arthritis patient can experience significant increase in flexibility.

If you have been suffering from a chronic painful condition and haven’t had relief from standard treatment, such as cortisone joint injection and traditional physical therapy, I encourage you to try ESWT. It is safe, fast, and can succeed when other treatments fail. If you want to find out more, please visit the manufacturer’s website, http://www.zimmer-enpuls.de/en/enpuls/overview.html